We asked caterers to lay on a special spread of vegetable tasters for each week for the veg of the week. These spreads make the veg the hero of lunch that day and create a perfect opportunity for kids to give them a taste. We supplied an inspiration pack and a create the Caterers Challenge with cash prizes for school caterers.

They blew us away with their passion and creativity………..

2020 Winner - Stephenson Way Primary

Congratulations to our winner Stephenson Way Primary and the catering team from Taylor Shaw. We loved the sheer wow and all your effort. The decorations are simply amazing.

2020 Runner Up - Endeavour Primary

Amazing enthusiasm and delicious food from the HC3S catering team at Endeavour Primary. We love it. 

2020 Runner Up - Middlestone Moor Primary

This entry was so creative. These excellent examples of veg art are just brilliant. great job and such dedication from the catering team from Taylor Shaw.

Shortlisted Entries

The quality of entries from all the schools and their catering teams were outstanding. Here’s a selection for you to enjoy.