Join The Veg Power Fight


Schools have a critical role to play. The TV coverage, celebrities and advertising for our campaigns create a huge amount of awareness and excitement. The role of the schools through learning, play and school food is to turn that buzz into kids tasting vegetables.

Our schools programme has been designed by an advisory committee of top educators, public health professionals, school caterers and our creative team. It is well-structured, simple, clear and in line with the curriculum and government healthy eating guidelines. It is modular, you can do as little or as much as you like but is time critical as it is supported by a huge media and advertising campaign.

We still have a few printed resources left, so please get in touch, and you can download school assets and a guide here. 


Volunteers are the life-blood of great community work and the backbone of the Veg Power alliance. If you have skills in design, media and communications then we'd love your help, please contact us. We aim to create a stimulating professional volunteer environment where you can give back with what you excel at . We also love to hear from CRM/data, legal and accountancy professionals.

If you are looking to volunteer in your community then we suggest you contact our best buddies over at Veg Cities, as they are coordinating community veg-action nationwide.

Chefs, Nutritionists & Food Writers

An essential part of our mission is to inspire people to make affordable, accessible and great-tasting veg dishes. We love the incredible chefs, food writers and nutritionists who support us, but we always need more.

Please support our vegetable of the week campaign running from 24th February with carrots, and going through to peas, sweetcorn, broccoli, tomatoes and ending with peppers in the week commencing 30th March. Please create recipes, and/or blog and share about these wonderful family-friendly vegetables to support parents and carers - as their kids will be asking for them!  Don't forget to include the hashtag: #EatThemToDefeatThem.


We try to support local authorities, community projects and particularly kids’ cooking clubs – it’s not always easy with limited resources. We have great posters and reward charts you can download and print out for free, and we may have some spare printed ones if you get in touch.

If you are running events with our favourite formula: KIDS + VEG = FUN then visit our downloads section for free resources, and let us know so we can try and support you, but we're unlikely to have the resources to attend.



You’re the front line and everything we do is to help parents and carers to get their kids eating more veg.   Head over to our download section for posters, cut&colour charts and rewards charts you can print out at home.

Check out our library of (mostly) quick and simple recipes - many from famous chefs - and our top tips on all things veg from the experts. 

Most importantly, nothing inspires kids more than other kids -  so when your kids defeat those veggies please share pictures, videos or just tidings of joy with the rest of us on social media with the hashtag #EatThemToDefeatThem.


Veg Power partners with businesses large and small. We rely absolutely on your financial contributions and support.

Service businesses lends us their skills pro-bono, media owners give voice to our message, and supermarkets help us at point of purchase.

Many growers and local businesses help to fund and support our schools programme in their community.

Veg Power is an alliance and so only as strong as the support we receive, We need your support and in return we’ll try and channel your time and/or money directly into projects close to home.  We believe that doing good should also be good business. Please get in touch…