Join The Veg Power Fight


Hello schools, we have a few things ready to help you get your kids loving veg. Along with our partner ITV we are distributing 300,000 of our KS2 reward and sticker chart packs into schools across the UK.  We have a few left so get in touch via the contact form giving your location and number of KS2 pupils. Alternatively, you can download and print out your own reward chart and posters on the Downloads section of this website. Sorry, we don’t have lesson plans or other teacher resources.


Volunteers are the life-blood of great community work. If you have skills in design, media and communications then we need your help, please contact us. If you are looking to volunteer in your community then we suggest you contact our best buddies over at Veg Cities, as they are coordinating community veg-action nationwide.

Chefs & Food Writers

An essential part of our mission is to inspire people to make affordable, accessible and great tasting veg dishes. We love the incredible chefs who support us but we need more. Could you share some of your great recipes and top tips to help?  Please get in touch.


We try to support local authorities, community projects and particularly kids’ cooking clubs – it’s not always easy with limited resources. We have great posters and reward charts you can download and print out for free, and we have high quality versions you can buy at cost price. If you are running events with our favourite formula: KIDS + VEG = FUN, then please get in touch, as your work is of greatest importance to us. If you are organising local events we are sorry but just don’t have the resources to attend but please tweet us @VegPower and we’ll try to retweet it out to a wider audience.


You’re the front line and everything we do is to help parents and carers to get their kids eating more veg.   Head over to our download section for posters and rewards charts you can print out at home. Shortly we’ll have a recipe section and blog full of top tips for families so come back soon and keep an eye on our social channels. Most importantly, nothing inspires kids more than other kids -  so when your kids defeat those veggies please share pictures, videos or just tidings of joy with the rest of us with the hashtag #EatThemToDefeatThem.


Veg Power partners with businesses large and small. We rely absolutely on your financial contributions and support. Service businesses give us their skills pro-bono, media owners give voice to our message, and supermarkets helps us at point of purchase. We need your help and your financial support and in return we’ll try and channel your money directly into projects close to home.  We believe that doing good should also be good business. Please get in touch…