Healthy Eating: Our favourite recipes to get your kids living on the veg

ITV have launched a new campaign, backed by celebrity chefs and supermarkets alike, to combat childhood obesity and introduce veg into their diets

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Delicious veg-centric cakes that contribute to your 5-a-day

You may have already tried your hand at courgette cake and sweet potato brownies, or be a lifelong carrot cake devotee. But cake baker Kate Saunders is taking baking with vegetables a step further.

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Pea movie! TV ad to make kids eat greens

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'Eat them to defeat them': 'Action movie' TV advert encouraging children to eat their vegetables is to be aired tonight.

A humorous advert encouraging children to eat more vegetables will air during tonight's Coronation Street.

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Ad is a carrot for kids to eat healthy veg

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VEG AD 'FIRST' UK’s first TV ad promoting the health benefits of vegetables will air during tonight’s Coronation Street

THE UK’S first TV advert for vegetables will air tonight during Coronation Street in a bid to get kids to eat more healthily. Supermarkets have joined together to fund the Veg Power ad, with ITV giving the 60-second prime time slot for free. It will also run during other popular shows, including the News at Ten, The Voice, Dancing on Ice and Britain’s Got Talent.

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ITV and VegPower teaming up on new advertising initiative to get the nation eating veg

ITV and Veg Power are joining forces to launch a major new national campaign to change the way people think and feel about vegetables, with the aim of inspiring us all to eat more veg.


Jamie Oliver: TV adverts can be good - if they're selling healthy food

"I’ve made enough food adverts in my time to know what sells. Here’s my idea of what a healthy TV ad break could look like"

Radio Times

Man behind Audi ad campaign markets vegetables to children

One of Britain’s advertising gurus has been recruited to market vegetables in the drive to improve children’s diets.

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A better way to encourage sinners like me to eat veg

Aesop’s fable about the wind and the sun is a useful reminder that working with people is a better way of encouraging them to do the right thing. A bit like the wind’s relentless battering, we’ve gone on and on about five a day and as far as anyone can tell

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