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Simply Veg is the first campaign to bring together an alliance of the top nutritionists and chefs with psychologists and children’s entertainers to combine their skills to improve UK families’ diets. The campaign offers a unique and holistic approach that moves beyond traditional public health nutrition education to helping parents with the real challenges they face every day – whilst making it fun for kids.

The UK’s current eating habits are in desperate need of improvement. Four out of five of the top risk factors for death and disability in the UK are now diet related. The impact of poor diets is placing immense strain on our healthcare system and reducing our workforce’s productivity. Poor diet often starts in childhood and stays for life – 80% of UK kids aren’t eating enough vegetables with almost a third (29%) of primary school aged kids eating less than one portion of veg a day.

While Veg Power’s award-winning Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign, in partnership with ITV, has successfully encouraged children to give veg a try, more support for parents and carers is critical. Veg Power’s latest research shows that parents who eat more veg and create a positive food culture in their home are nearly twice as likely to have children who eat more veg, try new veg and see vegetables as fun – this runs equally true across all household income brackets.

What can parents expect?

Veg Power’s six years of experience and unparalleled insight identified that families are struggling with different aspects of feeding their kids. By offering a unique and holistic approach to improving families’ diets, the campaign moves beyond traditional public health campaigns and focuses on the wider issues. These include creating a positive food environment within the home, how to gently engage kids, understanding your children’s natural taste and sensory preferences, effective role modelling and what to do when your kids just say “no”. In addition, advice aimed specifically at families with neurodiverse children has been included, developed with support from a specialist dietitian.

Simply Veg Learning is our free eLearning platform. Designed to provide families with access to expert-led public health interventions to enable them to improve their family’s veg-eating habits in a convenient and cost effective way. ‘Simply Veg Learning’ utilises the latest eLearning tools including nudges and rewards combined with the power of video-based learning to tackle this public health challenge. Our first programme is Launch into Veg…

Launch into Veg by Simply Veg Learning is a free online eLearning programme specifically designed to help parents whose children eat little or no vegetables. Through a series of online video tutorials and simple steps we’ll help them progress their child from little to no veg to at least one or two vegetables they eat on a regular basis. This programme has been designed by leading nutritionists, chefs, and child psychologists for “veg-resistant” kids. It’s very gentle, and works in small steps to avoid friction and waste.

Please support this initiative….

We are asking for the support of local authorities, schools, community groups, GP surgeries and other individuals and organisations supporting children’s dietary health to help get details of the service out to those who would benefit. Here are the promotional resources: