Thank you to the many who so generously give their time, funding, or support to make this possible.

Help support Veg Power


Penelope Henderson

Fantastic initiative! Advertising is very much needed on veggies. Let's make veggies fun, exciting and pleasurable for kids and adults to eat. Veg power! (Penelope Henderson, Director of Little Bites Cookery).

Kitchen Swish

May the Veg Power be with you all the way to the finish line

Matt Cooper


Viridian Nutrition is pleased to contribute to this vital initiative to support the health of the next generation. We are huge fans of Jamie, Hugh and Rangan. Good luck and keep us posted. Love from us all at Viridian x

Jo Humphrey


Chris Collins


Top Chomps

Totally committed to helping children and parents understand value of fruit and vegetables to health. Education should be fun to make the learning more memorable.


Ren Behan

Rosie Hills

Derek Reeve

Great work guys!

Amanda LeVasseur

Great concept.

Howard Taylor

I know how important your work is, and I wish you every success Howard

Jacqueline Wood

Lucy Armstrong

Great cause and so important to get kids eating healthier. Good luck with the campaign.

Ana Xavier

Love this idea! Have always struggle to give my kids veggies. Looking forward to ideas!

David Rosborough

Astrid Ricketts

Love a vegetable and it loves you back! Purple cabbage, red peppers, yellow beetroot, green asparagus, white radishes, we love you and all your friends. Veg power!

Ruth Harding


Claire Donkin

Eagle Solutions Services Ltd

We are fully behind your campaign. :) #Vegpower We've #AdEnough of Junk Food Marketing. Anything that gets young people eating better today for a better tomorrow has our full support.

Geraldine Harris

My beautiful daughter & husband are vegan so recipes for Veg fantastic! I also work in promoting children’s well-being, so anything that helps kids to the best start in life is awesome in my eyes! What a wonderful resource for families & community!!

Organix Foods

Hello, we're Organix and we want a world where healthy nutritious food is a real choice for everyone. We're on a mission to make things better in food for children so are in full support of VegPower!

Carina Freire

Helen Perks

As a Registered Nutrtitional Therapist I know only too well how important fruit and vegetables are in supporting the health of everyone’s body and psychology. Eating a rainbow is a powerful healthy habit to subscribe to. So lets have fun and be creative in getting this message out there! Here’s to the nation’s health! #vegpower

Lamia Sbiti

Ryan Sharp

Isabel Thompson

Elena Razzano

Barbara Bray

Great to see vegetables at front and centre stage. Vegpower is a brilliant initiative to help us all eat more vegetables and enjoy better health as a result. Happy to support this.

Jon Sellors

Anne Jenkin

Massive fan of vegetables so good luck to @VegPower #VegPower with this campaign. So important for healthy diet and helping With #obesity epidemic. And they taste great!


Lola Gostelow

Turly, madly FABULOUS!

Jason Leonard

Aarti Bhanderi-Shah

An incredible much needed initiative to inspire future generations enjoying the Foods of Mother Nature rather than the Foods of Haribo. All hail Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Power to the Greens!


At Food is Fun CIC we've been passionate about getting kids to eat their fruit and veg by working with schools and communities since 2009! We support Veg Power - you should too!

Donna Smith


Negar Mirshekar

Kieran Topping

Kaye Kellaway

Great idea

Rachel Henderson was Darcy

What a fantastic cause!!


Philip Oldershaw

I work in Marketing to promote healthy school meals to children. As such, I fully support this endeavour and would be happy to assist in helping spread the Veg Power message far and wide.

Saul S Morris

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition stands by our friends at the Food Foundation in the effort to bring better diets to the UK and the world! Great initiative!

Michel Roux Jnr



Amanda Weekes

Great work, love this campaign and happy to support! X

Andrew Stephen

Well done Food Foundation. So excited to see this happen

Jennifer Sutherland

Best of luck - Looking forward to seen the campaign unfold!

Heather Sharma

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wendy Perry

Love this initiative. You truly NEED to succeed

Harriet Saxton

This is genius!! Fruit & veg are an essential to good health & kids need to learn this from an early age!! Real food is far more delicious than junk. Massive good luck with this campaign!

Thomas Brinkworth

Nansen Green Catering Consultancy

Thank you Vegpower. Together we can make eating veg cool. There is nothing more pleasing to see children eat their freshly prepared nutritious school lunch packed with delicious vegetables.

Flora Mates

This looks amazing! Huge congrats to the Food Foundation and all involved!!

Rachel Clark

Dan Davies

Wonderful, practical idea - wishing you success in this Veg 'Ad-venture' ;)

British Growers Association

Darryl Flett

As a parent and a keen amateur cook, it's very rewarding to prepare a meal full of veg goodness that the kids enjoy to eat. I believe kids will eat more veg it just requires more exposure to different varieties to try out. Support this cause!

Greenhouse PR

Indika Gunaratne

We are getting sicker as a nation, Veg power is a powerful strategy that will help our nation to recover

Jessica Weston

Jayne Copeland

As a vegetable seed producing company Rijk Zwaan UK is delighted to support the brilliant Vegpower. There`s so much variety to choose from and lots of exciting recipes so what could be better than promoting cooking with those vibrant veg!

Janet Herring

Whoop whoop I’m super excited to support Veg Power knowing that it will result in fitter and healthier families full of vitamins and energy - well done Veg Power


Love it! Be great to see posters in all schools and nurseries

Emma Cotton

Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Fantastic mission - in total support of my mate Dan Parker & the rest of the team! Love Emma x


Cress of luck! Beet that target! I carrot wait to get my hands on the cookbook.

Kim Close

Much needed campaign. Kim Close Cookery & Nutrition is happy to support this!


Kelly Webb-Davies

M&S Food

Darren Henaghan, Managing Director of Borough Market

Helen Bick

Sheona Alemi

Good Luck- veggies rule

Becca Marie

Fantastic addition to my cook book collection and will help with my community pop up green grocer!

Sharada Keats

This idea just makes so much sense. I can't wait to see the ads!

Sarah Dibiase

Good luck!


ian fenn

Aimee Leighton

I put on small scale nutrition workshops within my Massage Therapy Rooms establishments, to help educate people on all manner or Nutrition topics, this wold be fabulous to be done a on a larger scale- Nutrition Workshops targeting children and parents, nutrition for mental health, for Gut Health. People need to be educated on these matters. But love your work and all my legends working together, I love it xx

Sharon Hodgson MP

We know that advertising for junk food drives up demand and consumption, so I am pleased that #VegPower is now looking to do the same for vegetables not only to encourage healthy eating and to drive up demand, but also to support our farmers. Eating a balanced diet, which includes vegetables, is key to a fit and healthy lifestyle, so it is important that healthy eating is encouraged across all ages. That is why I am pleased to add my support to #VegPower, and I look forward to following their achievements in the future.


We are 100% behind this campaign and are passionate about getting everyone to eat healthier including children

Charlotte Jane Merrill

Mary Marshall

Good luck with this campaign


Catherine Lippe

Dr Rachel Allen

Great initiative. Let's get children excited by vegetables for the varied, versatile, colourful, nutrient packed foods they are!

Penny Hempstead

Glad to support a push to encourage kids and parents to get involved in using vegetables in cooking and seeing the vibrant colours and different textures.

Amber Wheeler

Great campaign backed up by food system change. Go Veg Power and Well done Peas Please and Food Foundation!

Sofia Parente

Great initiative. We need to get exited about eating veg again.

Ela Law

Great campaign, guys, lets big up the veg!!

Elizabeth Slater

Jason O'Rourke

Fantastic initiative. Fully supported by everyone at Washingborough Academy #FoodEducation

Sally Maynard-Smith

Great initiative. It would be fantastic if veg became the "go to" snack. This campaign is as important for parents/adults as it is for children.

Adrian Appley

I wish you every success with your mission.

Lisa Towers

Little Lunches is completely behind the VegPowerUK campaign. We love the focus on encouraging children to eat more vegetables as it’s exactly what we aim to do with nursery aged children as we build out our own product and service proposition.

Ella's Kitchen

Julie Harris

Katerina Pavlakis

Make veg cool - yes!! What a brilliant idea!

Nadiya Hussain

Leslie Borrill



Tracey Short

Well done to to you guys, our children need people like you who can show them healthy options can be fun and tasty.

Debbie Smith

Let's "root" for the Veg party who's constituents work for the good of every body!

Produce World

Angela Van Den Berg

VegPower thanks Angela for all her work getting the crowdfunder rewards organised.

Michael Scott

Vegpower is a great and positive concept that I think will help to inform and hopefully excite our younger consumers about the superb taste and health benefits of our fantastic range of British vegetables..

Ruth Harding

Consumer Goods Forum


Florence Miremadi

Well done for this initiative! It's all educating children but also parents!!

Elizabeth Sparke

Minna Wood, Msc, mBANT, CNHC

Marie Veitch

Looks fab. Well done x

Faye Goldwater

Keep up the great work! The health of our children, our future is all that matters. I'm so happy to see you guys changing things for the better. I won't be seen as the crazy hippie mum anymore thanks to you!

Venetia Cameron-Rose

This is so great. Please keep up the good work. Best of luck.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Vanessa McConkey

Keep up the great work engaging and motivating all of us, particularly kids, to eat more vegetables. Fantastic initiative!

Vicki Williams

Here's to Vegpower making veg the star of the plate in every home

Severien Vits

I totally love the purpose and me and my husband are totally on it with our family. What I took away most of the series was that it is absolutely necessary that it should be made easier and more natural for people to stop eating bad foods and learn to appreciate vegetables for what they are. We need help from the government and strong legislation. Save the next generation!

Jayne Hynes

Love this idea. We really need to get children identifying with and eating more vegetables. We are really behind this at Kiddyum and would love to support you.

Eleanor Markendale

Brilliant initiative. Constantly trying to find new ways to get my toddler interested in and eating veg! Veg gets no where near enough advertisement. Can’t wait for the book and to see more of the campaign.

Hannah Powell


Think this is fantastic - keep up the good work


Matt Clark

So behind this folks, we’re veg lovers anyway but anything to make this a wider benefit, and get a few new great recipes, is worth every penny! Go Team Veg!

Laura Wyness

Fantastic idea to get everyone eating more veg!

Abi Perry

Amazing initiative!!!

Lambeth Council


Eliza Gaffney

Rebecca Clark

Tom Davis

Veg Powder!

Catherine Swallow

We are totally for this campaign. Keep going with the amazing work. The message will get through!

Janey Bullivant

The ignorance and fear of veg revealed in Britain's Fat Fight has really shocked me. I think this is a very important campaign and back you 100%. You need to spread the word via your Instagram account too. I am sure it will help you reach your funding goals. I would be very happy to help.

Fiona Argent

Keep going guys - this is amazing cx

Maria Paola Scaparra

A great project! Wish you loads of success! Paola and Jesse

Lisa Thompson

Catriona Stiles

Silvia Re

Keep up the good work!

Alison Gourlay

The Farm Kitchen

We are delighted to be supporting this fantastic campaign

P I Fruits

Nature's Choice

Jemima Hurd

Great work! Keep up the fight against obesity.

Sheree Bryant

Brilliant concept – we must all work together to encourage kids to eat and enjoy veg!

Gregory Watson

Great idea to engage kids. I run Fun Kids - the UK's national children's radio station. Any links we can help with, let us know.

Caroline Wolhuter

I would love to get my children, their friends and the communities I work with all eating more veg. Please can we work with school food providers to get more veg into schools. And take the junk out - especially high schools!

Elizabeth Smith


Allegra McEvedy


Fantastic idea, hope it's the start of a real change of mindset towards nutrition & health.

Julia Young

I think this is a great initiative. As someone who is trying to raise the profile of veg amongst children through our Foodie Tots and Foodie Kids classes I think that some great power and minds behind a campaign like this has the potential to really make a difference to the health of our children, best of luck! Julia Young

Negar Mirshekar

Alexia Robinson

Clear Channel

Bee Wilson

Natalie Arnold

Eleanor Oliver

Go Team VegPower!

Stewart Lye


Tom Aikens

Rosie Boycott

VegPower thanks Rosie for lots of great advice

Stephanie Wood

Sending veg-powered love and best wishes for this important campaign.

Glenn Chaney

So important to promote this idea Kids especially like to eat veg they’ve grown and/or picked themselves

Katy Cooper

Why *wouldn't* I support a campaign to encourage kids to eat more veg?! Good luck with this - and looking forward to seeing the outcomes.

Steven Roberts

This is a positive approach that will help and inspire the next generation to enjoy eating more fresh colours everyday. Congratulations from @asaladlover

Co-op Food

Chris Hughes

Great work!

Rob Moore

Martijn Bergmans

Samantha Wilkins

Amanda Grant

River Cottage

National Vegetable Society


Fiona Gordon

Alex Thurman

This campaign is so important for parents and children alike. There are so many great vegetables out there that need more love, exposure & consumption! Vegpower!

Saskia Heijnen

There is amazing versatility and fun in all the different types of veg. A bit of veg love will go a long way for our health!

Marged Cother

Gail Lineham

Annabel Gonifas

Let’s make the change happen! So pleased your are helping the cause. Here’s to healthier children who think veg are cool. And here’s to happier parents who are supported through the challenge. Thanks Veg Power! From all at Fresh Food Vision and DizzleSky

Tracey Short

Well done to to you guys, our children need people like you who can show them healthy options can be fun and tasty.

Stacey Magnus

Good luck with your project. It is so important for us to teach our kids about nutrition. This project had my full support x

Covent Garden Market Authority

Sharon Goodyer

Grate lots of veg, stir in 1 tsp of chickpea flour and a pinch of cayenne pepper for every tbsp of veg, stir in well, make small patties, fry gently and slowly until golden brown and the veg inside are soft. Eat with rice and tomato salad.

Vicky Lawson

Genius! Sheer, blimin genius.