Take on our ‘Veg Chomp-ionship'

In celebration of World Food Day on Friday 16th October 2020 and in support of ‘Food for Life Get Togethers’ we are challenging kids and their families to take on our ‘Veg Chomp-ionship tournament’ using downloads from our new Eat Them to Defeat Them activity book.

This is two hours of family fun which will encourage your kids to eat more veg.

All you will need is to:

Download our Veg Chompion tournament guide download

Grab some pens  and paper to colour in and keep score

Download and print out these puzzles (one copy for each player):

Puzzle 1: Hasta la vista broccoli – Veg surveillance! download

Puzzle 2: It’s crunch time carrots – Carrot Launcher! download

Puzzle 3: Get stuffed peppers – Pens at the ready! download

Puzzle 4: It’s time to face the heat sweetcorn – So corny! download

Puzzle 5: You can’t hide tomato – Totally Blitzed! download

+ choose from these great recipes, check you have the ingredients, so  you can cook together for your tea:


Join in the fun by taking on our Veg Chomp-ionship and share your experience on social media using the hashtags #EatThemToDefeatThem and #VegChompions. But most of all, have fun!



October 2020

Challenge families to get together, with puzzles, games and recipes to defeat the veg.

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