Carrots contain Beta Carotene which your body turns into Vitamin A. There is enough in a medium carrot to meet your daily allowance for vitamin A.


Veg Power is a campaign to encourage children in the UK to eat more veg.

Poor diet is now the greatest threat to health and well-being in the UK. Government guidance suggests we should be eating seven portions of fruit and veg a day. But a recent study by the Food Foundation showed that 95.5% of children aged 11-16 aren’t eating enough vegetables.

And with only 1.2% of food and soft drink advertising being spent on promoting vegetables to children, it’s not surprising kids find other, less healthy options so tempting.

Veg power is part of Peas Please, which looks at the food system to find ways to overcome barriers to eating veg.

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Whoever you are, you can be part of Veg Power.

Why not download posters to print for your school, canteen, workplace or kitchen or create news items with our press releases? There's a great Veg Power lesson plan too.

More resources will be added as the campaign progresses, so watch this space.

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Veg Power Champions

The Veg Power ads, this website and the animation have all been produced free of charge by the winners of our nationwide competition, creative agency, ifour.

ifour's winning ads have been displayed on billboards across the UK and Wales.

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Veg Ad Fund

Veg marketing gets just 5% of the UK’s annual £296.6 million marketing budget for confectionery, snacks, fruit, veg and soft drink. That’s why you won’t see any ads for the humble carrot!

The Veg Ad Fund, made up of contributions from the Government, retailers and producers will give veg the marketing budget they need to compete with branded snacks, fast food outlets and soft-drink firms.

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