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Resource for Holiday Activities & Food Programmes

Veg Power has partnered with Aardman Animation to create a fun-filled nutrition education experience for HAF programmes to get kids eating more veg. The programme introduces children to the variety of vegetables and the importance of eating a rainbow of vegetables. Featuring the popular children’s character Shaun the Sheep, the programme will engage children in vegetables. This programme is backed by our experience in nutrition, behavioural change and fun, and our commitment to support cultural, economic and neuro diversity.

Flexible Design

The programme is designed to be modular and flexible in both duration and activities to meet the capabilities and opportunities of different HAF providers – we understand that many may not be able to cook or handle food.

We include take-home resources to extend the impact from a great day at HAF to a lasting improvement in habits at home. We supply assets & instructions to be delivered by HAF teams, with suggested activities and a role for the older children mentoring the young children. Please note we do not supply vegetables. Here’s what we you can expect…

Activities & Resources

Introduction to Eat the Rainbow educational and fun session with presentation.

Digital workshop presentation and supporting instructions provided.

Build the rainbow

Build a rainbow of vegetables – we supply a fun sign and video instructions, but the venue would need to supply the vegetables.

1 x rainbow sign provided per venue + instructions & how to video.

Our ever-popular Shaun themed vegetable crown really engages the kids – requires scissors, paper glue or sticky tape and colouring pens, pencils or crayons (not supplied).

1 x Shaun the Sheep themed crown craft project supplied per child.

Participation sticker for every child to wear home.

1 x roll of 100 stickers provided per venue.

Take-home reward chart & sticker pack which encourages the children to collect a rainbow of vegetables and directs parents to all the tips and support on Simply Veg.

1 pack provided per child.

Venue decoration kits – a series of 25+ A4 cut outs of Shaun and friends and family favourite vegetables.

1 set provided per venue.

Posters and digital flyer to send to families to promote your event.

3 x A4 posters provided per venue + digital flyer


Recipes – we provide a selection of suitable rainbow vegetable recipes such as rainbow couscous or rice, rainbow salad and a rainbow pasta bake. Each recipe suggests roles for the children if the provider is able to support prep or cooking activities.

Recipes included in guidebook.

Guidebook giving easy to follow instructions for the HAF team with suggested roles for the older children and directions to online evaluation and feedback.

1 guidebook provided per venue.

The programme has been designed as an activity for primary school aged children and for older children to support the younger children in a leading and mentoring role such as supporting craft projects.

We do not supply vegetables and vegetables are not necessary to deliver the programme. If you can access vegetables for the children to touch, build into a rainbow or prepare for lunch that will enrich their experience but is not necessary.

Yes, all our work is supported by our in-house team and our expert advisors on nutrition and behaviour change and although not intended to directly deliver a school curriculum the programme has been created with teachers to comply with the national curriculum.

We are a not-for-profit organisation generously supported by Aardman Animation and our experts and partners. So our costs are very low, we ask HAF providers to cover little more than the cost of print and postage which come to £1.25 per child and £25.00 per venue + VAT & postage for all the resources detailed above.

Shaun the Sheep and Shaun’s image are trade marks of Aardman Animations Limited 2024.