The Veg Power Story

The Food Foundation, Nourish Scotland, Food Cardiff and WWF are working with producers, supermarkets and government to take action to help everyone eat more veg.

Pledge for veg

Pledge for veg

The worrying truth is that 95% of teenagers and 80% of younger children are not eating enough veg. So in 2017 we launched Peas Please. Since then we have secured pledges from 40 different food system stakeholders to take action to help us all eat more veg.

As part of this work we are also trying to address the very low advertising and marketing spend on veg.  Vegetables make up 1.2% of food and drink advertising spend in the UK and to draw attention to this challenge we launched an advertising competition in collaboration with Sir John Hegarty and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

The winning ad was created by ifour and went on show in 5,000 locations across the country. It went a little crazy on social media with celebrities, politicians, schools and supporters joining the fun.

We are now working with Sir John, Hugh and Jamie Oliver, among others, to build support for a permanent advertising fund for veg - we’re calling it the Veg Power fund. We successfully raised £100,000 through a crowd fund in the summer of 2018.

Our vision is to create an independent brand manager for veg which uses the full range of marketing techniques to increase the UK’s consumption of veg. The fund will seek to inspire kids, support parents and encourage everyone to enjoy more veg.

The Veg Power fund will use positive messages of vitality, vibrancy and wonderful taste to give veg a modern appeal. The fund will not take a view on the sourcing of veg and will not promote specific diets. It will promote all veg (from soup, through frozen peas to raw broccoli) to all people to enjoy as they wish.

In June 2018 we successfully completed a £100,000 crowdfund to finance the launch of Veg Power. Here’s our crowdfund video.

We want to thank our many supporters who gave their time, resources and funding to make it possible. We created “The Truly Epic Book of Veg Power” as a thank you to those who donated and supported.

Since the crowd fund, we have signed a major advertising deal with ITV, who have given Veg Power £2 million worth of ad space on their channel. The ad will be put together by the amazing team over at Adam & Eve, and will air in January 2019.

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