Take a dip in this cool carrot-crunching snack! Perfect for an after-school snack, this smashed carrot dip comes together in seconds.


Chop carrots into bite-size pieces using the claw grip.

Blitz them in a food blender until completely broken down, scraping down the sides as needed. (If you don’t have a blender, try grating the carrots instead.)

Add the rest of the ingredients and blitz until smooth, stopping to scrape sides down as needed.

Taste and add a grind or two of black pepper if you fancy it.

Plop it in a bowl and get dipping with vegetable sticks or your fingers!


Power Up: Try beetroot instead of carrot for a fun twist and bold pink colour!

Watch It: See the video on how to make this recipe here.

Download it: Make sure you download the recipe card, along with the rest of the vegetable files and activities here.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids can:

  • Squeeze the orange
  • Use teaspoons and tablespoons to measure
  • Use the claw grip to chop the carrots (when they are ready)
  • Add everything to the blender
  • Help you scrape down the sides