Claire Wright from shares 3 simple ways to prepare peas that the whole family will enjoy.

These French peas are a classic recipe that's classy and yummy. Perfect alongside cooked meat, fish, more veg, or, well, pretty much anything!


Finely slice the spring onions and roughly chop the lettuce. In a frying pan or large saucepan, fry the bacon in the butter for 3-4 minutes until cooked and just starting to crisp up, adding the spring onions for the last minute to soften. Add in the lettuce, peas and half a glass of water or stock (125ml). Simmer for another 2-3 minutes until the lettuce is wilted, peas are cooked, and water or stock has mostly evaporated. Season with salt & pepper (a squeeze of lemon is lovely here, too), and serve with your main course.

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Get the kids to tear up the lettuce and show them how to safely stir the ingredients in the pan. Have them half fill a glass with water or stock and help them pour it into the pan carefully.