I always try to chuck away as little food as possible and slaw is a great way of using up leftover vegetables. In this slaw of fennel, carrot & cabbage I list these vegetables, but you can throw in any number of other vegetables and it would still taste great. This dish is inspired by my time in San Francisco working at a market teaching kids to cook. The produce out there was incredible, so you always try and keep it simple and let the produce shine through.


First, prep the veg and put them in a big bowl: you want to cut the red cabbage into long thin strips and do the same with the fennel (keep the sprigs of fennel leaf to the side to garnish). With both it can be easiest to cut them into quarters and then slice. With the carrots you can either prep them with a knife into long thin strips or simply grate them.

Moving onto the dressing: simply combine the juice of a lime, the contents of two passion fruit, the honey/agave, and a pinch of salt, and whisk together with a fork.

Before serving, thoroughly mix together the veg with the dressing in a big bowl, then add the chopped mint and give it a final mix. Place the sprigs of fennel on top to garnish the dish.

If you want to add a little kick you can chuck some thinly sliced chilies through it or add a little ginger juice to the dressing.

Kids in the Kitchen

Let the kids make this dressing – they’re going to love juicing the lime, scraping the passion fruit pulp out from its skin and measuring the honey. They can also grate the carrots and pick the mint before getting their hands involved mixing the slaw together.