Look out tomatoes, we've got our eyes on you... for dinner! So easy it's barely a recipe, these googly-eyed tomatoes are as fun to make as they are to eat and come together in minutes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Slice the tops off the tomatoes carefully. Scoop out the seeds and flesh on the inside, so you just have a thick-walled tomato ‘bowl’. Then place them on a lined baking tray.

Crack the eggs into the tomatoes (if you are nervous about it, crack them one at a time into a cup first, and then slide each one into the tomatoes).

Bake in an oven preheated to 190C/gas 5 for about 20-25 minutes, or until the tomatoes are cooked but still holding their shape.

Plop two googly-eyed tomatoes onto a plate for each person. Then let them decorate the plate to make their own funny food face!

Splodge your spoon or fork in and tuck into the best googly-eyed tomatoes the world has ever seen!


Power Up: Don’t waste the inside of the tomatoes – this is tomato spawn and the best thing to do is slurp it raw!

Watch It: See the video on how to make this recipe here.

Download it: Make sure you download the recipe card, along with the rest of the vegetable files and activities here.

Kids in the Kitchen
  • Give kids a spoon to help you scoop out the insides of the tomatoes
  • Help kids to crack the eggs carefully into a cup one at a time and pour into the tomatoes
  • Let them have fun decorating their plates!