Claire Wright from shares 3 simple ways to prepare sweetcorn that the whole family will enjoy, starting with the most kid-friendly of all!

Buttered grilled corn-on-the-cob is the easiest way to get most kids to try sweetcorn. Or any veg! It's just messy enough for them, deliciously sweet, and great fun to eat.


Preheat your grill while you prepare the butter. Add the softened butter, salt & pepper, and coriander to a bowl and mash with a fork until combined. If your corn cobs aren’t already prepped, remove the husks and pull off any stray threads. Spread the butter all over the corn cobs and lay on a foil lined grill-safe baking tray. Place under the grill for 5-10 mins, turning frequently with tongs, until they are slightly charred and cooked all over. Add a little more herb butter when serving, if you like.

In the summertime, if you have a BBQ, you can make these on the hot BBQ by wrapping the buttered cobs in foil and placing on it for 10-15 mins, until charred and cooked.

Out of season, you can buy frozen prepped corn-on-the-cob in most supermarkets and easy defrost and cook as above, or cook from frozen according to packet instructions and spread with the butter after cooking.

MIX IT UP: Change up the herb butter to make the flavour totally different next time. Fresh basil, parsley or even mint all work really well. You could also use mixed dried herbs (just use less – more like 1-2 tsp). Or change it up further by adding a finely chopped garlic clove or a little finely sliced de-seeded chilli if your family likes a little kick.

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids can really own this recipe. Get them to make the herb butter themselves. Carefully teach older kids how to roughly chop the herbs with a knife or kitchen scissors. And any age child can mash the herbs, butter and seasoning with a fork. Get them to spread it over the corn cobs with a butter knife. If using a BBQ, get them to wrap the cobs in foil. If using frozen cobs, you can teach them how to use the microwave to cook them through before spreading with butter.