Claire Wright from shares 3 simple ways to prepare peppers that the whole family will enjoy.

This pepper & feta frittata makes a really simple, quick breakfast, brunch or lunch, and is packed with peppers, more veggies, and of course, plenty of flavour.


Heat the oil in a large ovenproof frying pan set over low-medium heat. Fry the sliced peppers and onions until soft and just starting to go a bit golden (5-10 mins). Add the peas, if using. Get your grill heating up to medium-high heat. Beat the eggs with the salt & pepper and most of the parsley in a bowl, then pour over the veg and let it bubble and cook for a 2-3 mins, until the egg is cooked on the bottom but still runny on the top. Crumble over the feta or goat’s cheese and add the olives, if using. Place the frying pan under the grill, checking and turning a few times to ensure it cooks evenly, until slightly puffed up, golden and set. Allow to cool a little and serve warm or cold sprinkled with the extra parsley.

Kids in the Kitchen

Show the kids how to carefully add the sliced veg to the pan, and how to crack eggs into a bowl (if some shell gets into the bowl, use a big piece of shell to carefully scoop it back out). Let them carefully cut the herbs with scissors and beat the eggs gently with a fork. Have them crumble the cheese over the frittata before you put it under the grill.