Claire Wright from shares 3 simple ways to prepare squash that the whole family will enjoy.

This 4-ingredient squash smoothie is super sweet and kid-friendly. Make a big batch of roasted pureed squash and freeze it in ice cube trays to have on hand to whip up this smoothie, our squash & chocolate muffins, or any recipe that calls for squash/pumpkin/sweet potato puree in no time!


Blitz all of the ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Taste and add more of any ingredients if you feel it is needed. Add extra liquid and blitz again if it’s too thick. Serve cold.

*to make the squash puree, see our squash & chocolate muffins recipe here.

Kids in the Kitchen

Let the kids own this recipe: get them to peel the banana, add all the ingredients to the blender and push the blender button to blitz. Get them some glasses to pour it out into.